New Wave - Swim Buoy - PINK 15L

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New Wave Swim Buoy is a Trusted Companion for Open Water Swimmers.  It provides: 
- Visibility in Open Water
- Safe Place to Float and Rest
- Storage for Personal Items

If you are an avid sea, lake or river swimmer, we strongly encourage you to check out this swim safety device as you never know what could occur during your open water swim. Just inflate, strap it around your waist and start swimming! Even if you are an advanced swimmer who is pushing the possibilities of the sport of swimming, taking with you the New Wave Swim Buoy is always a bright idea.

Medium-15L (23" x 10") is suggested for swimmers up to 190 pounds.

Question: Will the DRY bag compartment keep my cell phone DRY

Answer: YES and NO, the New Wave Swim Buoy is comprised of water proof material and a dry bag compartment for storage of personal items. Like most dry bags that use a roll top closure they can be susceptible to leakage if not properly sealed. For added protection we suggest protecting your CELL PHONE and electronic CAR KEYS by placing them in a WATERPROOF CASE.